“I had received counseling from several well meaning therapists. However, at HOPE, it was immediately different. Scripture was the authority and my heart was the target. The words of Christ diagnosed me better than anyone else.”

The HOPE Counseling Center

The HOPE Counseling Center is a ministry of North Wake Church. We want to pass on to others the compassion, mercy, practical help and hope that God has given to us (2 Corinthians 1:3-4). We believe that God provides realistic and effective solutions for the struggles and hardships of life in his written Word and through the person and work of his living son, Jesus Christ.

We believe that the first step toward change is to admit you have a problem to yourself, to God and to others that care and are able to help. If you have come to this point and are desirous for change, we invite you to complete the counseling request form in the upper corner of this website. We will contact you and begin by getting to know you and your situation. We will then begin describing how we believe your challenges can be addressed. We pray this ministry can be of great value to you and/or your family.