Marriage Mentee 

You have decided that having an older, more seasoned married couple to meet with would be beneficial to your marriage. You desire help and advice to direct your marriage onto a God-honoring path. You have come to the right place.

We can all benefit by learning from the experiences of those that have gone before us either to help us navigate the situation we’re in or to point out obstacles in our path. The same is true for our marriages. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for a long time, not every day is easy and it can be difficult at times. Whether things are good right now or you’re in the midst of a challenge, mentoring is a way to ask questions of others to prepare for the next challenge or navigate through the present one.  Mentoring pairs you with another couple who will listen, walk alongside you, pray for you, and let you in on how they navigated similar challenges and emerged a stronger couple.

Some of the Benefits of Mentorship for Your Marriage Include:

·      Another spiritually healthy couple knows how to pray for you

·      Someone who will speak biblical truth to you

·      Someone to help identify and set priorities and then hold you accountable

·      A sounding board to listen and provide alternate perspectives from their experience

·      A safe place to be real and ask questions, wrestle with challenges, and get feedback

·      Access to wisdom for situations you are in or have yet to experience

·      Access to another couple’s successes and failures

·      Insight into how your actions may be affecting your spouse

·      Encouragement from someone who has navigated similar challenges and survived

·      A resource who wants the best for your and is for seeing your marriage grow and thrive