The Marriage Restoration Team (MRT)

The purpose of the Marriage Restoration Team is to work with couples with significant marital problems by developing, coordinating, overseeing, and monitoring a plan for marital restoration. Marital restoration is taking a relationship that is broken and making it functional. Marriage enrichment is taking a marriage that is functional and making it excellent. This team’s focus is restoration.

In view of the holiness of marriage and it's great potential for Christ-exalting impact in our community on the one hand, and the sad reality of the ongoing presence of several dysfunctional, sin-riddled marriages in our midst on the other hand, the development of a team committed to the restoration of marriages has been developed called the Marriage Restoration Team (MRT).

This team is composed of at least one Elder and both men and women who have experience working with troubled marriages. They meet once monthly to examine potential new cases and monitor progress or regress of ongoing cases. Their purpose is as follows.

In collaboration with the couple desiring help, the purpose of the team is:

  • Receive referrals from SG Leaders, NW Ministry Staff or Elders, or from couples that could self-identify. ·      

  • Collect information about the couple (interviews with couple or other relevant individuals, questionnaires, marital satisfaction inventory).

  • Discuss and identify problems and potential solutions.

  • Develop a comprehensive recovery plan, which is then presented to the couple for modification and consent. The following are potential resources that could be part of the recovery plan offered to the couple.

    • Marriage Counseling

    • Individual Counseling

    • Marriage Mentoring

    • Psychological Evaluation and Psychiatric Care

    • Advocates (a friend couple who accompanies them for support and accountability)

    • Contact and Connection with an Elder

    • Fitting involvement of a Small Group Leader

    • Church Discipline (when warranted)

    • Focused Individual Discipleship, IE.

      • Marital Roles - Husband and Wife

      • Leadership

      • Financial Management

      • Conflict Resolution

      • Communication

      • Retreats