If the goal of parenting is no more profound than securing appropriate behavior, we will never help our children understand the internal things, the heart issues, that push and pull behavior.
— Tripp

Some parents deal with rebellious teenagers: Watching a child make wrong choices or take the path of rebellion is one of the most painful and agonizing experiences for a parent. The same happy child that was giggling in your arms just years before has turned angry, or despondent. It is worrisome and weighs down your days like a stone around your neck. 

Some parents deal with anxious children who are riddled with fears. Their nights are filled with tears and constant visits to your bedside. It is heartbreaking to feel unable to console a fearful child. 

Some parents just want help transitioning to parenthood. Handling a colicky baby or struggling to reclaim any semblance of a normal sleep schedule can bring anyone to tears. 

Parents deal with all kinds of challenges and temperaments from their children. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming. We understand. Many of us are parents too. 

It is helpful to remember, children are no different than anyone else; they too are worshippers. They worship something. Their hearts are not neutral. Hearts always pursue something. The heart determines our behavior (Mark 7:21). Hearts, not environments, produce behavior. 

Parenting is hard. It is one of the most challenging things a person can do. Thankfully, the scriptures are not silent on this matter. We would love to sit down with you and listen.