There is a strange confidence that lies behind all worry. Worriers don’t listen very well. It takes something more powerful than logic and statistical probabilities to assuage our fear and anxieties.
— Ed Welch

It's true, we live in an unpredictable and uncontrollable world. Everything is fragile, even our very lives. God assumes we will have fears and worries. In fact, Scripture overflows with different metaphors and subsets of saying the same phrase, "Do not be afraid, I am with you." It is communicated in so many various ways in hopes that something will grab your heart. Yet, often, those words make little impact on us. However, when the right person says those words, we are comforted. A child is often comforted by those words by a father after a scary dream. A boss is comforted when he hears his reliable and trustworthy employee tell him, "Don't worry. I will complete the project in time." When we trust the person saying those words, it assuages our fears and anxieties. The Scriptures assume we will be afraid and anxious occasionally. The question we must ask ourselves is: Where or to whom will we turn with those fears and anxieties? The Scriptures have the right person. 

Counseling Anxiety and fear will involve listening to those fears to discover what they are saying. Those fears often say, "There is something I trust, want, treasure and love....that is being threatened.