Pre-Marital Counseling

What if the purpose of marriage is not our happiness but rather our holiness?
— Gary Thomas, Sacred Marriage

Most couples spend great amounts of time planning their wedding day but very little time discussing critical topics that will impact their marriage. Scripture has quite a lot to say about marriage. 

We seek to articulate the purpose of marriage from a biblical perspective and to assist engaged couples in understanding the common pitfalls. We will cover topics like: biblical roles of a husband and wife, conflict resolution, finances, sex, and parenting.

Pre-marital counseling, like all counseling, involves an additional time commitment from the individuals seeking counseling ... outside the regular counseling sessions. This time commitment will involve reading articles (possibly a book), reading passages of Scripture, and weekly conversations (possibly long ones) with your fiancee.

As counselors, we will be happy to provide biblically centered pre-marital counseling. However, we do not provide licensed or ordained ministers to officiate your wedding day ceremony.